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November 10th, 2001

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2020-08-18 17:19:32

Guardians of the Galaxy Asteroids ‒ Concept Game

In early 2019, I was introduced to Object Oriented Programming and returned to Processing.py to test out my new powers. I decided to recreate the classic 1979 arcade game Asteroids themed after the asteroid evasion scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Unfortunately, I never completed the game. However, nearly all of the core features are already implemented: the asteroids split when hit, the player's ship experiences acceleration, points are assigned when asteroids are destroyed, and the player's lives decrease when killed (but there is no way for the game to end as it stands right now).

If you want to try it for yourself (or even mess around with the code if you like), check out the game's GitHub repository below:

Go to GitHub Page

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