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2020-08-13 14:18:15

The Fretboard Connection ‒ A Guitar Hero-esque Rhythm Game

In May/June 2017, after experimenting with Processing.py through GreenBot, I finally made my first proper game. What I dubbed 'The Fretboard Connection' is a rhythm game inspired by the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

The game is not too complex at its heart. The descending notes are activated by well-timed corresponding key presses that award points. The whammy bar (the shift key), as in Guitar Hero, can be pressed along with the correct key to charge the whammy meter. Once the meter is full, it can be activated to award bonus points for successful notes.

I chose the theme song from Ghostbusters to implement. I listened to the song second-by-second, manually converting it into a chiptune one note at a time using a program called FamiTracker.

Looking back, I see that my code could be vastly improved. However, I had no idea what functions were at the time, let alone Object Oriented Programming. But, based on the tools I was equipped with at the time, I think the game turned out pretty well.

Here is the instruction manual that can be accessed in-game:

Check out GitHub to see the code and download the program if you want to try it for yourself!

Go to GitHub Page

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